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Our local fire department, which we are both members of, received a new fire engine and were selling the out dated one. The fire apparatus was put to auction and as a joke we threw a bid in. To our surprise, later that week we received a phone call stating that we won the bid and were asked if we were still interested. Of course, being the goofballs we are, we said “yes”. We had absolutely no clue what we would do with our own fire truck or where this adventure would take us. We had a bunch of ideas to make a cool project out of it, but one day while enjoying the company of our closest friends, we struck an idea. “Tap Truck, the party comes to you”, was said. That’s where Taps ‘N’ Knobs was born! From there on, we worked our craftsmanship with the help of our friends in various trades to make it become a reality. After nearly a year of hard work, and preparation we are excited to present to you a very unique experience, wherever your event may be!

Taps N Knobs
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